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June 26th, 2015 by

5 Series

2017 BMW 5 Series release date

For nearly a century, BMW has been keeping the auto world on its toes with new, exciting innovations. Coming up in 2016, BMW will celebrate 100 years of accomplishments that have led the automaker to its current status: one of “Germany’s Big Three.” To commemorate its 100th year, BMW will be releasing a slew powerful, feature-filled cars, which could pave the way for the future. One of these new creations will be the 2017 BMW 5 Series (currently called the G30). If you’re curious about what BMW is cooking up, we have updates on the 2017 BMW 5 Series release date, as well as some prospects on what the vehicle will contain. Rumor has it that the 2017 5 Series will see a significant redesign when it comes to the dashboard, as well as other high-end features. A new iDrive system with gesture-based technology could make an appearance, as well as a self-park feature. While the vehicle is currently in testing, it will be released around spring of next year (2016), when BMW celebrates 100 years of innovative success.

Current BMW 5 Series models

While we await the release of the 2017 G30, we can compare it to current models that have been recently released. There are many aspects of the G30 that are carried over from BMW’s previous 5 Series success, and we’d like to point out a few. The 2015 5-Series model offers carbon-fiber elements, which will most likely be seen in the new G30. Along with that, some of the aesthetic features of the current 5-Series models will find their way into the G30- beginning with it’s sporty characteristics and headlight position.

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