Only BMW 507 Speedboat in Existence Hits the Water Again

November 3rd, 2014 by

BMW 507 Speedboat

BMW 507 Speedboat

The BMW 507 is an extremely rare roadster. Only about 250 of the cars were produced back in the ‘50s, making them some of the most highly sought-after BMW vehicles in existence. 250, however, is a great deal more than the number of BMW 507 speedboats that were produced. That’s because only one model ever hit the water, and although it sat damaged and dry for a number of years, it is now back in action.
Back in the late ‘50s, there was an experiment conducted to see how the aluminum alloy OHV V8 of the BMW 507 roadster would perform as the powertrain of a speedboat. Not surprisingly, it was a success, but despite the positive results, the boat never progressed further than the experiment stage. For a number of decades—much like Elvis Presley’s BMW 507 roadster—the boat sat idle in a barn. Then, a young man heard about the existence of the watercraft from a friend and attempted to track down its location.

When he finally found it, it was damaged and unrestored, so he put in the necessary work to bring it back to its original condition. All of the parts, including the 507 engines, were still intact, but had to be cleaned to bring them back to working order. The outer hull was brought back to life with original paint colors, and a professional was brought in to reupholster the interior and revamp the instrument panel to give the boat an original look. It doesn’t take long to see that the BMW 507 speedboat is one of the most unique out there.

If you watch the video below, you can get a better idea of the backstory of the one-and-only speedboat, and you can also see it in action on the water. Not surprisingly, when asked about what he wants to do next, the young man and owner of the 507 boat said that he hopes to find a BMW 507 roadster to match. As we said, there are only about 250 models out there, but seeing as he was able to track down an old and beat-up boat in a barn, we have a good feeling that he won’t have much trouble tracking down a roadster.

Once again, the full story on the origins and restoration process of the BMW 507 speedboat is in the video below, but as the dialogue is in German, you will likely have to turn on the English subtitles.

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